Create And Expand Wealth

Create and Expand Wealth

Why Do We Live In An Unequal World?

Create and expand wealth might sound out of place while we live in an unequal world. We keep hearing about the 1% vs the 99%. And it’s true: the top 1% has nearly almost half of the world’s wealth. And the top 1% of the 1% are wealthy beyond anyone’s dreams. However, we are constantly being told that the solution for this is higher taxes for the wealthy and a more even distribution of the wealth among the poor. The truth is: this would solve nothing and, instead of making everyone richer, would just destroy wealth and make everyone poorer.

The stories about people who won the lottery and similar prizes, who blew everything away within only a few years to end up far more indebted than they had ever been before winning that prize, show the truth behind this equation. If you do not train yourself to build, preserve and expand wealth, you will never be wealthy – and, even if you experience a certain degree of wealth for some time, you will not be able to keep it because you do not know how to do it.

Create And Expand Wealth Through Education

That is why the best help that anyone can be offered to gain access to wealth is not just a hand-out that will keep the person in a situation of dependence – rather, education to create and expand wealth is the key.

Instead of a culture of envy and disdain towards the wealthy, the world needs a culture of admiration of the wealthy as positive examples of key individuals who are smart, humble and bold enough to defy all odds, believing in themselves, and setting a reasonable plan – and following it through – on their way to prosperity. If people see them like that, the world will have far less poor and far more wealthier people than it currently has.

Keep in mind that wealth is not built by accident. You can certainly win the lottery by accident, but, as mentioned before, chances are you will not stay wealthy. The same can be said about inheriting wealth. Frequently, the sons and daughters of wealthy parents end up burning away the wealth that their parents have created – precisely because they did not build it, so they do not know how to keep it. Only the wealthy parents who teach their children how to create and expand wealth through education will, in return, create respect and see their offspring increasing the wealth that they have built.

Having said this, there are strategies that the rich use to become and stay wealthy and that the poor ignore, staying poor throughout their lives.

If you understand the rich strategies, you will be on your way to creating and expanding your wealth – it doesn’t matter how late you are starting out, or which wealth goals you have. It does not matter what your current situation is or your bank account balance is. What matters is you find out how you can start to create and expand wealth so that you can enjoy what you want in your life.

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