Living Wealthy Dreams

You tell yourself, I want to be Wealthy, and have these great dreams about what that actually means to you.

How do you get to this place where you can Live Wealthy Dreams?

Number one is, you need to become aware of your self-talk. Like, “Oh look at that rich person showing off with his/her flash car.” By having this thought to yourself with envy of what that person has got, and what you don’t have, you are sending a message to God or Universe that you don’t have. So guess what, that is exactly what you get sent, nothingness. That which you have will be taken away by your very thoughts, feelings and intent. You will not be able to Live Wealthy Dreams with these types of thoughts.

How do you become aware of this negative self-talk that’s on auto pilot? I am going to share an exercise I believe is a gem and has helped me move through my blocks. I write down all my negative thoughts and feelings about money. I choose one of the most dominant negative money thoughts, which I believe is the strongest, blocking money coming into my life. For example, “I never have any money.” Over the years while growing up I had built up enough evidence that this was so. I lived it, breathed it and gave birth to it many times over. When I wrote this statement down I asked myself. “Where do I feel this in my body? The first place for me was my stomach. It was a heavy dense feeling. I would connect to the light and bring that light down through me and into that area of my body until I felt expanded and light. I would then ask. “Where else do I feel this in my body?” I would feel it in my throat, this feeling was choking me and I could not speak about it. I would then repeat the exercise flushing out or dissolving that energy. (You can do what suits you.) Until I felt light, open and unafraid to speak up about money. I would then repeat the question of. “Where else do I feel this in my body?” I would feel it in my hips; this was stopping me from moving forward. So I would repeat the light session into my body and really focus on extra light going into my hips. I would see myself making big strides forward with my business, money in the bank and money circulating in my life and raining on me. Once I felt lighter I would continue with the process. I would then repeat the process and I am sure you get the picture of how to do this powerful exercise. You will be surprised as to where your troubles bury themselves in your body.

I needed to do this process for at least a couple of weeks. Then I become aware of any niggles that would come into my body and I would ask where it has come from.

After each night of doing this exercise I would declare a money statement, like “Money comes to me easily.” I do these statements to replace the negative belief about money with a positive belief. What I was doing was taking the charge out of the negative statement. It is like having an electric fence around your body, keeping money out. Once that charge is neutralised that which you are wanting to MANIFEST can come with ease as it won’t get rejected by the shocks that kept money at a bay. I am from a farming back round so the electric fence is a perfect parable for me to use. The electric fence was used to stop the cows from getting out. You are the same with beliefs you hold onto them like you have an electric fence stopping them from leaving you.

With practice and perseverance you will get there sooner rather than later. You will align to your greater good to MANIFEST and help others and yourself to Live Wealthy Dreams.


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