Stepping Beyond Your Negative Emotions

Why is it so important to move beyond negative emotions?

Everyone at one time or another has negative emotions. I always call it the two second rule which means you can have a pity party but only for a few seconds, just to fill that human need. Unfortunately it can be very hard to move beyond that point, if you put negative intention into what you are Manifesting.

Is it possible to not have negative emotions? No, it is not, but as long as you don’t live there like I mentioned earlier. There are ways to shift from that focus, trance or state of mind. You can interrupt the thought pattern, by laughing at yourself. That is a good easy and quick way to make a shift. Learn to laugh at yourself and say, “Oh my goodness I heard that from…. “Or that sounds like…. And really laugh loud for a couple of minutes then say thanks, as you let the thought go. Don’t give the thought too much air time or it would be like the little person who insists on having all the attention.

It is good to make peace with those persistent thoughts that occur over and over again. As peace is made with the thought, think of a time in your life when you felt that inner peace and focus there for a few moments.

As I said it is extremely important that you get yourself into a good place so you can step out with faith and confidence.

It will not happen over night as I found out on my journey and you never really arrive. Life is a process of learning, growing, loving and experiencing.

I tell you about my journey and the products I used to help me in my quest to move forward in leaps and bounds. I can show you and give you all the goodies you want to see or hear about, but unless you are committed in doing the work, life will look the same and nothing will change. I know, that is why I made this website, Live Wealthy Dreams, so you to can realise your Wealthy Dreams and live and create from that space.

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