The Wealthy Feeling

You have a GOD given gift of visualizing what you want to BE, DO and HAVE. However do you really know what you want to be, do or have? A lot of people DON’T know what they want to be. Often you know what you want to have, like, I want to travel, have a nice car, a big house etc. But what are you going to do to acquire all these material items. What is your heart’s desire? What excites you to get out of bed in the morning?

You need to be 100% clear about this, otherwise your mind will just wonder and you won’t get focused. When you are clear about your life’s purpose your visualization can manifest really quickly.

Your decision is what frees you; there is a lot of power in making a decision. The more clarity you have the easier the decision is to make. It is important to make that decision on exactly what you want to be. Exactly what you want to do and exactly what you want to have. This is a very powerful start, if you are unsure keep asking GOD and you will be pleasantly surprised as to what may show up for you.

A tip. Once I decided what I wanted to be do and have; I started writing down a list of how I wanted to be. I did another list of what I’m doing, and another list of what I want to have. I then combined my lists together and started writing a story from the lists, I had just created. For me when I write I tend to get very focused, and as I write I find It easy to engage my senses of being able to see and feel what I am writing about. Because if you are not able to live wealthy dreams your only fulfilling someone else’s dream, while your dream is dyeing within you. Don’t be one of those people who never experience your heart’s desire. It is never too late and you are never too old, as there is no better time to start than this very moment.

Here is an exercise I did when I started. I would see myself as a well person. What would that mean for me? It could consist of eating healthy, drinking lots of water, taking the dog for a walk, deep breathing, meditating and saying a mantra prayer about how healthy I feel and look. Then start combining this list together and making an exciting story that I wanted to be a part of. I would start being, doing and having. I would do exactly the same with wealth or any other area of my life. Get all your senses engaged in your story, make it as real as you can.

If you practice doing this on a daily bases until it starts becoming a natural part of your life. You will easily start to engage your senses at will. It may take a while, but you need to be consistent and persistence. You will Live Wealthy Dreams, so have fun and laugh a lot. This will help to lighten up the exercise, so go and play.

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