Unlock Your Wealth

We all have the ability to succeed at having WEALTH.

Well let’s see if we can have a look and Unlock Your Wealth. This is an area that a lot of people struggle with in their life.

I believe this struggle to unlock your wealth has two parts to it. The first part is as you grow up you are often told no you can’t have….. No you can’t do…. No….No…No…No…. Whether that be from, family members, school teachers or whoever was a dominate figure in your life. In the bible it says, Ask and you shall receive.”

If you have heard a lot of No’s growing up it can become an expectation of receiving No, No…..wealth, No……success, No……reaching your goal, and No……gifts for you. Little wonder a lot of people struggle with the possibility of unlocking those Wealthy Dreams.

The second part is your belief system. You have created a belief system that supports the entire No’s…. you heard throughout your life. Unless you are aware of this belief you have built up within you over the years you will struggle to turn that around. It will take a strong key to unlock your WEALTH within you. It is important you become aware of the No that you have been supporting all these years.

For me it was a real wake up call. I come from a large family of 12, so as I was growing up everything I seemed to ask for there was a No attached to the answer. I got to the point where I thought why bother asking the answer is going to be No…… Once I became aware of this belief I was supporting so strongly I could start to let it go and start working with a more empowering belief that would support my life.

I started to let go of the childhood No…. And allowed myself to expect and receive more WEALTH than I ever thought possible. I looked at the possibility that I could Unlock my Wealth. Because it was literally like I had hidden my wealth away behind locked doors, in a dark place that no light was able to get to it to help it GROW.

I started to dream and imagine what my life would look like with wealth in it. If you can imagine colouring in an intricate picture with all the different colours that can be infused to bring your image to life. The brightness of the colours that intertwine with each other so you can see the brilliance of this image. The colours support one another to unlock what was a drab piece of artwork with unseen potential. Once the colour is on the artwork it separates the pathways that make up this vibrate picture.

Wealth is very much the same, when it sits in your mind as a black and white still picture. It does not stand out so you can tend to overlook it. Once you start to colour in your Wealth picture and what it would look like in your life, you start to move it into your awareness.

You can then ponder over the areas that have not been unlocked and what colours they maybe. To some people this can be a very scary process, as you may have this voice that says, “Who do you think you are having all that WEALTH, What about the others? They will miss out. Or you are not clever enough to do that? This is where your WEALTH gets hidden below all those voices. Who’s voices are they?

What are your negative wealth messages you repeat over and over again like a broken record. Why not practice turning down the broken record and turning up the volume and brightness dial to unlock your Wealth.

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