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Yvonne Skudder

Hello my name is Yvonne Skudder, while you may not know me, I am here to share some of my findings as to why some people are wealthy while others struggle. It really has to do with your beliefs, around money. I know you have all heard about this subject at some point in your life.

Well I am here to give you my take on the subject and how I have managed to work my way through the maize and out the other side. (Yes I had to work consistently at changing my mindset and I am still working on it today.)

Mind Movies

I’m being completely honest with you; I actually found program’s that resonated with me and my beliefs around money. I started with the one program that helped me see what could be possible for my life as I am a very visual person. I went about creating my Mind Movie, putting together all of my wants, wishes and bucket lists.

I played this each morning and night, with resistance at times. This showed me there was a part of me that did not believe I deserved to have whatever I desired. (I could see my father standing there saying, “Who do you think you are? Getting all this while the others have none.” You see I come from a large family of 12.

I then decided to look at what beliefs I had around money. I came up with lots of beliefs and I am not surprised. I worked on a tapping process called EFT to eliminate those that I was aware of. I not only changed the old belief, I replaced them with a new story. In my new belief story I was able to ensure everyone else was achieving their success, like I was. Then I would feel grateful that we all got a slice of the money pie.

Yvonne Skudder and Old Beliefs

I knew the old beliefs had moved on when I didn’t resist so much.

Removing the old beliefs that Yvonne Skudder had was great and worked well. I now needed some new affirmations to implant into my unconscious mind. Affirmations are questions, just like a child asks lots of questions. Well the questions are your answers.

However they need to be quality questions like, why am I so WEALTHY? I found I got less resistance around money.

These Affirmations are really good for activating your mind.

Once I had done all of the exercises, I then wrote out a Monthly plan and then broke that down to a weekly and a daily plan. With these plans I needed to ensure it was not all work and no play. I wanted to be positive and be consistent, with feeling good. So a little bit of play time in your day keeps you feeling good. I found if it was something I loved doing. Like playing with the dog for 15 mins, I would really put my focused attention into the project to achieve what I needed to achieve, because I could not wait to play. I would always reward myself throughout my day to keep myself moving forward with excitement. When you put excitement into your work it often comes out in your work.

Constant Monitoring

I consistently monitored my thoughts and work habits. Yvonne Skudder new that if she didn’t make a commitment to doing the work then nothing would change. However once you put these strategies into practice you will feel the shift in your beliefs. Now you start to realise what is possible for your new designed life. It may not happen today but after consistently doing this for a month you will certainly see a shift.

I encourage you to have a look at these program’s to start implementing them into your life. It is not too late to make 2016 your best year yet. Just click on the link and GET STARTED TODAY. As they say if you have not got what you want it is only because of a belief you have.

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Live Wealthy Dreams by taking the first step, no matter how small.